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First FCC model Salon Chain

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# Listed among evergreen industries after COVID times
# Easy cash & Carry business
# Proven sustainable even in Global crisis
# Fastest growing industry
Trending opportunity all the women entrepreneurs


Our team of salon industry experts has conducted extensive research and development in various markets. We are thrilled to unveil our innovative concept salons, aimed at delivering exceptional experiences to both clients and salon investors. Introducing groundbreaking models like FCC, MTI, and OPF, we are proud to be the first in the market to offer these exciting concepts. For more information and an exhilarating journey, reach out to our LA MAGIC team today!


Our Vision

We are designing the business models and concepts on a single moto of improving our franchisee investors business health and wow experience to our clients.


Our Business Models

Offers a great ROI to its franchise partners. As our concepts and models are designed Centric to ROI.

We are glad to introduce two different business models for our investing clients initially.

OPF Model Franchise starts from 6 Lakhs

City OPF
District OPF
State OPF

Salon Franchise Model starts from 3 Lakhs Franchise Fee

Investment Breakup

Interior – 8 to 10 lakhs
Equipment Cost – 4 lakhs
Furniture – 3 lakhs
Products – 3 lakhs

Caution : Approx. values of investment break up are given, investment breakup changes will be noticed as per market prices, depends on the location chosen at the time of locking period.


Our services

FCC Model is completely franchise friendly.

* Staff Sourcing
* 360° Digital Support
* Sales & Marketing
* Business Guidance
* Visual Merchandising
* Trainings
* Operations etc

Block your location for the first FCC Model chain in your location. For more information and exited travel please contact our Team LA MAGIC

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